How my personal journey became a life’s mission.  Holistic Clarity is a cause and mission straight from my heart, the next step in a journey that began years ago and long before I ever knew the difference between “natural” and “organic” or Dirgha pranayam and sthira sukham asanam.

For me, the road to holistic clarity actually began with devastating loss. I watched as my sister succumbed to a long battle with breast cancer when she was just 29. Then, before we could even catch our breath, my often-ill father was diagnosed with diabetes. We lost him to a fatal heart attack when he was just 66.

Through the fog of grief and coping, two things became increasingly clear to me:

  • •  These illnesses were not natural.
  • •  There were no clear answers from the doctors.

As a result, I began charting my own path towards health – the naturopathic path.

What I found there wasn’t just enlightening, it was liberating. It was encouraging and hopeful.

After 14 years of studying and experimenting with organic whole foods, evaluating what supplements to take and when, and discovering the rejuvenating rewards of Yoga, I found the combination of holistic products and practices that worked wonders for me and those who sought my help. The clarity I achieved spurred me to greater exploration and a desire to share my knowledge and expertise with others on a professional level.

After I became a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I also achieved a Integrative Yoga Therapy Certification.  I soon followed up with the MELT Method to assist those in chronic pain along neurological imbalances, then finally added my Quantum Reflex Analysis training to provide a more tailored supplemental plan for my clients.

And that's what I call a perfect recipe for body, mind, and spirit!

My passion is now my profession, and with that my mission is to help others find a Holistic Clarity of their own.